Fran’s is perhaps the only place in Austin where you can get a 2 oz burger.

In Texas, a patty this diminutive is a rarity as excess is writ in the genetic code of the Great State. Of course you can also get a 6 oz and tell them to make it a double which is much more in keeping with the eating mores of the Republic. I don’t make it by Fran’s too often. The shiny allure and frankly speaking, the superiority of nearby Hopdoddy has limited my visits in the past year or so. But every so often a tiny-little-baby Fran’s burger beckons and I’ll wheel into the parking lot for a peek into how Austin looked back in 1973 when Frances Junk flung her doors open to a decidedly different south Congress neighborhood.

What I wouldn’t give to have walked into Fran’s back then for a burger combo before strolling down to Cinema West to see Badlands on the big screen.

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