Modern Austin writ small. A recycler filled with Lone Star with one shining example of our town in 2012. A bottle of Trappist beer that made its way from Belgium to be consumed at a soul food party in East Austin Texas.

We’ve determined that the Scrumptious Chef Pop Up restaurants are viable so we’re in the planning stages for pop up number 3: Tex Mex party. We’ll be honoring the Chili Queens of San Antonio and spending many late nights hunkered down over our Robb Walsh Tex Mex cookbook collection. Look for lots of queso, chili, handmade flour tortillas, fresh fried totopos, guacamole and salsa fresca.

Any ideas or suggestions are most welcome and we want to thank everybody who did such a tremendous job spreading the word on our first 2 outings. We were stunned at the size and hunger of the crowds.

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