update 8/13/12:Reports trickling in from New York on Texas pit boss Ari White’s pop up restaurant last week in NYC. Long lines, packed events, meat sell-outs daily. Congrats Mr. White.

That didn’t take long.

Daniel Delaney’s mind-bogglingly rapid rise to the peak of the NYC barbecue world is being met with a challenge.

By a Texan.

From El Paso. Who’s smoking Kosher barbecue in The Bronx at a pop up restaurant called Texas Smokehouse BBQ.

We’re intrigued and would love to hear back from any New Yorkers who get the chance to sample the smoked meat from pit boss/owner Ari White.


Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwich w/Slaw $10

Pulled BBQ Brisket Sandwich w/Slaw $12

Platters: Large & Texan (XL) Sizes each served with Corn Bread and 1 hot (Mashed Potato or Texas Baked Beans) and 1 cold side (Traditional Slaw or Potato Salad)

Beef Short Rib Platter $28

Baby Back Veal Rib Lg Platter $26
Baby Back Veal Rib Texan Size Platter $45

1/2lb Smokehouse Brisket Lg Platter $20

1lb Smokehouse Brisket Texan Size Platter $36

12 Spice Texan Rub Chicken Lg Platter $16

12 Spice Texan Rub Chicken Tx Size Platter $22

Texas Sampler – Chicken, Brisket & Baby Back Ribs $36

BBQ Wings $10

Corn Bread – 6pcs -$5

Watermelon Gazpacho $8

Hot Dog $3.50

Texas Caviar – Baked Beans $3

Cole Slaw $3

Potato Salad $3

Mashed Potatoes $3

Sodas $1.75

Lemon-Key Limeade $2

By the lb

Smokehouse Brisket $30

Smokehouse Baby Back Veal Ribs $36


Texas Sized Chocolate Chip Cookies $2.50

Apple or Peach Cobbler $5

Riverdale Temple Bronx, New York

4545 Independence Ave, Bronx, New York 10471

(718) 548-3800

interview w/ Daniel Delaney of Brisketlab http://chowpapi.com/wordpress/wordpress-2.8.6/wordpress/daniel-delaney-of-brisketlab-sits-down-with-rl-reeves-jr/

pic credit http://www.facebook.com/events/263296857105772/?ref=nf


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