Zero waste is stretching things a mite.

I had a wild fantasy during the run-up to In.gredients flinging their doors open. I pictured a draught delivery system with endless streams of ice cold, delicious cow’s milk issuing forth from a tap handle with a bossy the cow emblazoned on it.

Fantasy denied. In.gredients has plenty milk to buy but it’s in the same old stodgy packaging it’s always been sold in. Maybe they’ll eventually replace one of their beer kegs with milk but for now it’s a no go. There are very few packaged goods in the store, but zero? No. What we did find was a panoply of bulk items, much like Wheatsville, a small produce section that is certain to grow as the business develops, good coffee for a buck a cup and an extremely friendly, helpful staff who seemed happy to be at work.

No small accomplishment in Austin where service with a sneer is typically the order of the day.

Any Austinites out there who dream of suckling a tap attached to a giant tank of maple syrup? In.gredients could probably make that happen for you. I spied a 5 or so gallon metal contraption emblazoned “maple syrup” near the back door.

Chug and run to an idling car parked in the back lot? It is East Austin.

In.gredients has a nice bier garten along the front of the store. They’ll need more umbrellas to blot out the fierce Texas sun but I had a great hang there the other morning before the stultifying heat set in.

This little market is going to see plenty of my non-Fiesta money. I’m about to start lobbying for a Texas grits dispenser. Will report back.

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