I wear the man’s gloves. Steve Raichlen will sell you a nice pair of brisket gloves for less than $20. When you’re on the pit and handling a hundred pounds of brisket, a pair of thick, thermal brisket gloves are like manna from heaven. You can reach into a hot, smoky pit and grab ahold of all the meat and scoot it around without worrying about tearing the flesh or singing the fur off your forearms.

Definitely a worthy investment.

Apparently Raichlen is an author too. He’s touring the US right now to support his latest book “Best Ribs Ever: 100 Killer Recipes Including Slaws, Baked Beans & Finger-Lickin’ Sauces.” Hence his appearance at Bob Bullock Museum, Tuesday August 14th at 7pm. Event is free.

credit http://www.austin360.com/food-drink/steven-raichlen-to-give-free-lecture-at-bob-2430147.html

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