By now we’re all familiar with Keeley Steenson from her documentary “Good Better Best” which details the lives of the Anderle family down in Mt. Olive Texas. They’re earning a living the old fashioned way, raising cane and converting it into molasses.

We detailed Steenson’s film here and y’all went buck wild. The article was one of our most popular way back in the Fall of 2011.

Foodways Texas, St. Arnold’s Brewery and Ms Steenson have teamed up to throw a party tomorrow night {Thursday August 9th, 2012} from 7-10 pm at the brewery over in Houston. This is a Texas party so expect plenty barbecue-esque foods from Down House, Haven, Himalaya, Hugo’s, The Grateful Bread, The Pass & Provisions, Reef and Revival Market.

That’s a full team of Houston heavy hitters.

Keeley Steenson will be on hand, signing autographs and presenting her latest works documenting the foodways of Texas barbecue.


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