La Hacienda Markets are scattered all over Austin providing competition for the dominance of La Michoacana, the biggest Mexican small-grocer in the state of Texas.

La Hacienda does business the right way. They’ll fill you up a big bag of groceries without getting so deep in your pocket that you can’t pay a visit to the in-store taquerias that each location features. While commercial tortillas are standard issue for most tacos, if you catch the taquera in the right mood you may be rewarded with a scratch version. Just like at La Michoacana. I highly recommend choosing one location and becoming a regular so you can elevate your chances of getting in the good graces of the taco ladies.

The barbacoa is good if a bit lacking in the fat. I always like to go divorceado style with the salsas but if I had to choose, the volcano red is my preference.

The shelves are lined with all the typical Mexican sundries and the butcher counter features some of the freshest, pinkest meats in town. Need an odd cut? Bone up on your Spanish and the meat man will be happy to get his cleaver working for you.

Austin is fortunate to have a landscape littered with little markets catering to Hispanic families but La Hacienda is one of the finest. A lunch respite taken at the tiny taqueria counter with a gaggle of Mexican ladies bustling about the postage stamp sized kitchen is one of my favorite mid-day meals in town.

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