all the details on our Sat Jan 12 2013 Wild Foods Of Texas Pop Up Restaurant At Tamale House East

We were blown away at the multitude of eaters that came out to our corner of East Austin to listen to Guitar Watson, eat collards and hot guts and while away a nice chunk of a gorgeous Summer afternoon.

Thanks y’all. We really appreciate it.

As a testament to your voracity we prepared thirty pounds of collards, fifteen pounds of country style pork ribs, thirty pounds of smothered chicken, fifteen pounds of pork belly sausage, 6 quarts of grits, twelve quarts of hoppin john, 1 quart of porridge and a host of accoutrement. Damn near all of it got eat up.

We dearly love putting out big plates, heavy with food and hopefully everybody left full and well satisfied.

It all went by in a haze.

I started in on the cooking Wednesday night at the commissary, getting a prep sheet developed and figuring out what I could do in advance to make my life easier as the weekend approached.

It was especially satisfying banging out fifteen pound of pork belly/Hatch chile sausage as time spent over the grinder/extruder is always time well spent.

I finished the cooking cycle with a twenty hour straight burst of time spent on the range, smoker and oven, barely finishing by the appointed hour of noon o clock.

Scratch cooking requires a lot of effort, time and energy.

If we decide to continue on with this experiment, we’re going to make some adjustments. One thing we’re noticing is that we get mobbed up at the stroke of noon and end up with a mammoth line right as we fling the doors open.

This ain’t good.

We want folks to have a relaxing meal without having to worry about being sharp on their timing or subsequently running the risk of not getting fed. We’d love suggestions on how to prevent this from happening.

We turned away several people who showed up between 11 and noon as we simply were not ready to serve. Should we do a Scrumptious Chef Pop Up #3, we may have to recognize that 11am is lunchtime for some folks.

It was especially nice to meet all the friendly people we’ve established friendships with via Scrumptious Chef, Chowpapi and the magical worlds of Tumblr and Twitter. It’s nice to put a face to an online personality. And thanks for all the sweet gifts too. Liquor, meat and boutique soda pops are always appreciated!


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