It’s rare but sometimes a man just looks so damn good you wheel off the roadway and walk up and start taking pictures.

Such was the case this morning as I was rolling through East Austin when I spotted Coy Terrell sitting at Jr’s Barbecue. Mr. Terrell was waiting on the bus to carry him to the hospital downtown.

A long time Safeway employee, Terrell is now retired and spending his golden years in East Austin after a lifetime of work in Houston.

more Texas bbq

another photo of Coy Terrell, taken on that same fateful morning

  1. I was researching my family’s history and I came upon this picture of Coy Terrell. I asked my mom about weather or not we were immediately related and received a craaaaazzzzzy story. Had it not been for your post of that good lookin guy at a bbq place I may never of part of my ancestry. Thank you

    • RL Reeves Jr says:

      I’d love to hear all the details. I only met Mr Terrell once and I do know that he passed away shortly afterwards. rl

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