One hundred stitches.

That’s what it took to close the wound.

Today, Robert Bradshaw stands accused of violently attacking an unnamed man who sprang to the defense of his girlfriend when Bradshaw allegedly attempted a purse snatching on Thursday evening in downtown Austin’s west 6th street entertainment district.

The couple were walking along near 6th and Lavaca when Bradshaw, according to witness accounts, grabbed the woman’s purse and headed for the high country. The lady’s boyfriend set out after the brigand, tracked him down and tackled him. The fight was soon on.

The snatcher soon became a slasher as, during the struggle, he pulled out a knife and grievously wounded his pursuer. Witnesses followed Bradshaw as he fled and he soon found himself in police custody.

Bond is set at 35k.

6th Street actually used to be a lot more wild and wooly than it is now. The difference being that now the crowds are ten fold what they were back when genuine dive bars littered the landscape.

Nowadays, oafs in Affliction shirts are chock-a-block. There’s some gang banging taking place, the occasional shoot-out sends revelers ducking for cover and there’s always plenty good old fashioned drug dealing on the shady side streets.

Same as it’s always been.

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