Brand new pop up this Sunday October 21st 2012

It’s unbelievable how much work goes into throwing a pop up restaurant.

Grocery stores visited:

Central Market

Fiesta Mart



La Michoacana

To source the finest groceries in Austin, there is no one-stop market where you can lay your hands on everything at one time.

I’ve got 3 kettles rolling right now. A smoked turkey wing stock for the wilted greens, a chicken stock for the chicken gravy and a pork stock for the hoppin john/black eyed peas. If you want your food to be the best you have to make your stock from scratch. Period.

We knocked out fifteen pounds of pork belly, roasted hatch chile sausage last night. It was batch number 7 of our Central Texas Hot Guts project and it’s dynamite. We dropped over fifty pounds of chicken and pork ribs in an icy brine yesterday. There are naysayers to the brining method but we’ve always utilized the technique to good effect.

Tomorrow night will be an all-nighter as we cook the greens, bake the cornbread, make the banana pudding and simmer the black eyes all night long. Sunday morning it’ll be fire up the smoker to roast the meats-time. Hopefully the timing will be right and we’ll wrestle the kettle of grits off the range right as we go to service.

Pictured is the team that made the first Scrumptious Chef Pop Up such a success. Robyn’s an Austin restaurant veteran who just started her career in graphic design. Harrington worked in the best kitchens in New Orleans, Paris, New York, Vermont and San Francisco before finally attaining a 3rd Michelin star at Meadowood, one of the greatest kitchens in the USA.

The party could not happen without their labor.

I spent the last week poring over my Edna Lewis and Sylvia Wood’s cookbooks to make sure the Adrian Miller {soul food scholar} menu would be honored properly.

Details on the party:

Place: 3 Little Pigs and East End Wines

Date: Sunday August 5th 2012

Time: Noon

Event: Scrumptious Chef Pop Up Restaurant

1209 Rosewood Avenue Austin Texas 78702


follow this party on Twitter with the hashtag #soulfoodpopup


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