The past few days have been odd. 99% of my grocery money goes to Fiesta Mart as it’s the finest source I’ve found in Austin for what does a body good {fresh meats and produce.} But with a staggering list of provisions for the soul food pop up, I’ve had to branch out and visit some of their competitors.

Which has really made me appreciate Fiesta Mart. Pictured: Maria, pit boss of the ancient, pure fire smoker that Fiesta rolls out on the weekend to great acclaim by East Austin carne asada fanatics. It’s superb and dirt cheap. Maria is shy but after some cajoling she allowed me to take a few pictures. She clearly thought it was weird that anyone would want to photograph her but eventually warmed up and got a kick out of it.

Fiesta only does the al carbon on Saturday and Sunday and just like Aaron Franklin there’s a finite supply. I like to pick up a pound of it to go with their hot tortillas and green salsa to eat on out of the fridge for a few days.

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