Back at the dawn of the double aughts, we started a series of backyard supper clubs called Texas Top Cooks. We gathered together a team of local cooks, developed a theme and hosted a series of cooking competitions that went down in the French Place neighborhood.

We’d put out a tip jar for a reward, print out a bunch of ballots and throw down til the dust settled and the winner would be declared. We did barbecue battles, gumbo fights, casserole beatdowns and a variety of other themes til we reached a crescendo with a Soups of Southeast Asia war that’s still discussed in certain quarters in Austin.

We miss those old days of gathering together people who would all unite to drink, eat and socialize.

After Scrumptious Chef Pop Up #1, barbecue edition we took the lay of the land and decided to wade back into the fray with Pop Up #2. This time we’re tackling soul food.

Adrian Miller, the soul food scholar{whom you may be familiar with via Southern Foodways Alliance and/or CNN} was kind enough to create a menu and it’s solid country gold. He’s a pro and has written a book on soul food to be published next year.

Since this is an Austin party, we needed guidance on how to source our groceries locally so we reached out to Kristi Wills who had many helpful suggestions.

Rachelle King also consulted with us to make sure that we’d be able to offer some menu items to the gluten free crowd. We always go meat heavy so that was pretty easy.

We’ll be cooking Adrian Miller’s menu of chicken,wilted greens, black eyed peas with rice, corn bread and banana pudding as well as some Texas favorites like brisket,pork ribs,grits and sausage.

You won’t leave hungry.

We look forward to serving y’all.

Place: 3 Little Pigs and East End Wines

Date: Sunday August 5th 2012

Time: Noon

Event: Scrumptious Chef Pop Up Restaurant

1209 Rosewood Avenue Austin Texas 78702


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