Vicarious thrills.

This past weekend, Dallas architect and smoked meat lover Daniel Vaughn ventured into the no man’s land that is the New York City barbecue circuit. His appetites are enormous so he was able to eat at nineteen joints in 3 boroughs during his weekend feeding frenzy.

We followed his adventures on Twitter as he bravely ate off the pits of countless gassers before finally reaching the pure fire nirvana of Brisketlab, the brainchild of Daniel Delaney.

Arcane New York City laws apparently forbid honoring the Texas tradition of utilizing pure wood fires without the assistance of a gas fired cooker. Hitch up your smoker to a municipal gas line and everything’s cool. Build an honest fire to cook your meat and somebody’s going to jail.

Just another reason to live in the Great State.

No idea how Brisketlab gets away with their old school technique but we hear Mayor Bloomberg is in Aaron Franklin’s pocket. The East Austin pit boss says jump and little Mike starts doing his best impersonation of a New York Knick trying to grab a rebound.

That’s the word on the street over here in East Austin.

Here’s a link to a re-telling of the Barbecue Snob’s tour across New York City. Lots of brisket porn for y’all:

and plenty more tales from the Texas bbq trail

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