This post consistently draws heavy traffic so we’ll continue writing a new one each Monday. We had a great conversation this past weekend with a kitchen manager of a local Tex Mex food chain who was baffled at the high turn-over in his kitchen.

He seemed like a really good guy so we began with our normal line of queries which ended really abruptly at pay. They offer 15k per annum for forty hours of work per week. Some of his workers have been there for 3 or 4 years and they have been bumped up to $15,600. I’ll do the math for you. You start at minimum and after a few years of service they give you an extra .25 per hour so that’s an extra $600 clams in your pocket at the end of the year. He mentioned that most of his crew get off work and immediately go to job number 2 as they have families and need the extra dough to keep the beans and greens on the table for the little ones. By doing this they earn nearly 30k per year. At eighty hours per week.

The life of a line cook.

Without further ado. Here are a few Austin Texas food service industry jobs we cherry picked for your perusal:

In a stunner, Sushi Zushi is hiring. After the ICE raid this past weekend {} we knew they’d be looking for some help.

Are you a vegan or a vegetarian? Conscious Cravings is looking for food truck staff

The legendary Broken Spoke needs a waitress

An unnamed neighborhood bar out on 290 West is looking for bartenders who don’t mind smoke and live music. Which pretty much describes every barkeep we’ve ever known

Burger King needs gm’s. Don’t laugh. A friend of mine who’s a chef in Georgia got tired of the fine dining grind and went to work for BK a few years back. He absolutely loves it. Basically does almost nothing in the way of actual work and pulls in 60k a year. Told me he wishes he’d done it years ago.

That’s our weekly survey of the Austin foo service industry landscape. Got a job you want listed? Get in touch via that red hot tipster button.

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