Black’s supremacy has not been disputed in these quarters for some time. Yes, you can get good barbecue from Smitty’s…on occasion. Kreuz has its acolytes but the enormity of the building stands as testament to many things, least of which being the desire to put out top flight Texas barbecue. Then there’s Black’s. The little side street barbecue house always seems to get overlooked during the endless discussions on Lockhart Barbecue and who’s currently standing at the mountain peak.
Perhaps if more people quickened their pace as they neared the steam line of lackadaisical side dishes the joint would get more respect.

Lots of folks judge barbecue by the quality of the potatoes and cabbage and from the looks of things on the Black’s cafeteria line those people do not actually work for Black’s. But if you just eat meat and just judge a smokehouse by this lone criterion then the Lockhart puzzle becomes much, much easier to solve.

It’s Black’s by a wide margin.

More on why we hold this opinion

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