The first time we attended a pop up restaurant, it was hosted by Ben Runkle and his Salt and Time Charcuterie crew at the historic Victory Grill. Young Ben took over the restaurant for the evening, roasted a Red Wattle hog and served the meat with veggies from Finca Pura and Springdale Farm along with cheese from Pure Luck Dairy out in Dripping Springs.

Here’s a narration of this meal, which is one of the finest we’ve had in the past 2 years: But that was all the way back in 2010.

Where are the pop up restaurants of today?

A little searching yields the fact that Royal Blue Grocery is, at the minimum, in the planning stages of converting 2 parking places in front of their Congress Avenue location for just such purposes.

That’s exciting. We love Royal Blue, they do business the right way and have hired some of our favorite baristas in Austin over the years.

Addie Broyles over at the Statesman just penned a piece on Rabbit Food Grocery and their vegan pop ups they’re running at Conscious Cravings and Counter Culture. They’ll get rich as Austin has an enormous concentration of herbivores into that sort of thing.

Ludovic Lefebvre of Los Angeles drew national attention with his Ludobites pop up restaurant. Maggie Nemser of BlackboardEats said “They appeal to a very passionate food-and-drink enthusiast that is often in a younger demographic.”

We had a great time at our first Scrumptious Chef pop up at Three Little Pigs and East End Wines 2 weeks ago. We managed to get everybody fed but it was damn close. We didn’t know if a crowd would come or not and were pleasantly surprised as nearly a hundred people showed up. Thanks y’all.

Over in New Orleans, Pizza Delicious is the Big Easy’s longest running and most successful pop up restaurant. Their storied start in the Bywater neighborhood was met with throngs of people and Mike Friedman and Greg Augarten are now getting ready to go full brick and mortar with their very own restaurant!

Houston hosted a grandiose pop up earlier this year when Le Cirque came to town and took over the Downtown Club. At $150 per head, this one off was strictly for the well heeled.

Are you hosting an Austin-based pop up restaurant? Let us know so we can help get the word out.

The next Scrumptious Chef Pop Up is to be held on Sunday August 5th 2012 at Three Little Pigs and East End Wines. This one day affair starts at noon and goes til we sell out of food. The theme this time is Soul Food.

You won’t leave hungry.

With the able assistance of Kristi Willis we’re going to experiment with sourcing some of our provisions locally and we’ll be featuring a menu written by Adrian Miller a nationally prominent soul food expert.

We look forward to serving y’all.

Place: 3 Little Pigs and East End Wines

Date: Sunday August 5th 2012

Time: Noon

Event: Scrumptious Chef Pop Up Restaurant

1209 Rosewood Avenue Austin Texas 78702

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