That was quick.

Yesterday we predicted that the tickets for the Texas Monthly BBQ Festival would sell out quick but we didn’t realize it would be THAT quick.

The VIP, the cattle barons, Chupacabra bartenders, Dell execs and Austin Chronicle brass have descended upon the Long Center’s website and snapped up every single seat at the meat festival. No word on whether the commoner’s pass, a mere $58, is sold out or not, but it will be interesting to see what those VIP, diamond encrusted, platinum badges are fetching on Craigslist as the festival approaches.

The main benefit of scoring the VIP is that it affords one early entry, a full hour early, to the fete. It’s rumored that this year, that early access will guarantee a plate of humanely raised, free range emu that’s had it’s haunches slathered daily with 2008 Barrel #6 Garrison Brothers whiskey by a bikini clad Quita Culpepper.

The emu was raised on the slopes between Lady Bird Lake and The Four Seasons and is to spend the waning hours of its existence on Aaron Franklin’s smoker before the VIPs, with gnashing, perfect teeth, descend upon it.

A bargain at $118

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