Austin is awash in fine foods coming out of food trucks these days. We’ve got the first wave loncheras like La Flor down on South First Street, the bad ass old school Austin fine dining guys like Three Little Pigs and the glorious melange of Asian cuisine that is East Side King.

We are rich. Where is this going to lead us? At least in the case of East Side King, we see a brick and mortar popping up before too much longer. Chef Paul Qui will be cooking for 6 nights starting this Monday in New York City at City Grit and he’s supposedly going to make an important announcement there.

The hot white media glare of NOLITA should provide a fine stage for Qui.

More on Chef Qui’s NYC visit: {it’s sold-out}

Update 7/31/2012

At Paul Qui’s sold out City Grit cooking party last night in New York City, the announcement that Austin Texas has been waiting for was made.

Qui is preparing to open TWO brick and mortar restaurants in South Austin before the end of 2012.

Via Blackbookmag out of NYC:

“What I have been doing is traveling and eating as much as I can before I open up my own joint,” said Qui to the hungry fans (and outgoing girlfriend who claimed it was time he put a ring on it) at City Grit last night. “I just got back from Hiroshima. A few months ago, I was in Tokyo. Then I hit up London, Paris, Copenhagen, and next, I am hitting up Spain. Then I have to hunker down and work on my restaurant.”

read the whole piece

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