Somebody could make a million bucks if they could isolate the cooking gene that the Gilmore family {Jack, Ralph and Bryce} share. Those men flat get it in the kitchen.

Jack’s flagship; Jack Allen’s Kitchen is a note perfect take on Texas comfort and Tex Mex cuisine. Bryce’s outfit; Barley Swine, gets national recognition as one of the best, new school restaurants in the US and Ralph’s shipping container cum food truck; Turf N Surf Po Boys is the best place in town to get a fried fish sandwich. “I was cooking before cooking was cool,” he’s fond of saying. We don’t doubt it. He’s got that old school look that bespeaks a life spent hovering over a flat top or a fryolator.

We see Turf N Surf Po Boys settling into a brick and mortar at some point. They’re one of the best food trucks in Austin.

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and news about brother Jack’s newest restaurant

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