September 22nd 2012 is a long ways off. That’s when Saigon Street announced they will re-open for business. But after seeing numerous other food trailers “go on hiatus” we’ve noticed one common factor: they never manage to re-open.

It’s a tough game to begin with. Competition is fierce with well over a thousand trucks vying for your dollar. Weather holds you hostage on a daily basis, the food trucks are cramped and you’re relying on the notoriously fickle public to earn your living. It’s tough.

We’ve enjoyed our meals at Saigon Street. The folks running the joint are friendly and the banh mi are good. It seems like they chose a good location as there are few other food trailers in their zone to compete with.

Summer comes to a grinding halt the third week of September this year. We’ll head up to Airport Blvd and report back on whether Saigon Street managed to re-open or not.

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