First Daniel Delaney brought New Yorkers Texas brisket, now Autumn Stanford is bringing kolaches to Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy. We predict Live Oak Brewing will have a tap bar in Williamsburg before the end of the year. Then John Kelso will take over the Maureen Dowd column at the Times.

Then what?

After the failure of the short lived Kolache Mama a few years back, New Yorkers have been bereft of one of the most common breakfast treats of Central Texas. Til Autumn Stanford came along. The Austin native recently opened the Brooklyn Kolache Company and reportedly has been doing land office business in Bed-Stuy. Good for her.

No word on whether she’s tackling the most beloved kolache of them all; prune. But rumors abound that Stanford is doing a barbacoa stuffed kolache. That’s worth a trip to New York in itself and is a filling I’ve never heard of even in Austin, the heart of barbacoa country.

best kolache in Texas?

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