In Corbin, Kentucky, the birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken, there is a cabal of millionaires who wisely invested in the company when it was just another roadside restaurant in a small Appalachian town. Colonel Harlan Sanders was a larger than life figure in the community when I was a child. He made his way around town in a mammoth white convertible and was a regular player in any public event where he could promote his business. He also cussed a blue streak. We were regularly warned to not repeat anything we heard the colonel say aloud as his salty speech did not take into account any tender ears that might have been tuned in. He was charismatic, loud and loved being the center of attention.

While the man has been dead for decades, his company lives on in the form of thousands of restaurants stretching all over the globe. KFC has a large presence in the United Kingdom and it’s getting bigger by the minute.

With this growth comes the need for capable management. Enter De Monfort University in Leicester. The school, through a partnership with the corporation, is offering a 3 year degree with the graduates primed and ready to enter into a life as a manager with a BA in restaurant management.

Sounds like a win/win. The students education is under written by the company and when they graduate they will have a high paying job waiting for them. There are certainly worse ways to enter into a life of food service based employment.

A recent visit to the mothership, store number one in Corbin, found the fried chicken to be on par with any other fast food offering. It’s not to my liking but plenty folks would disagree. During my visit, the museum that houses the restaurant saw a steady flow of tourists from all points of the globe eager to pose with pictures with the big Colonel Sanders statue.

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