I had no intention of posting this recipe but it came out so good it would be a crime to not share it.


I’m a Hatch Chile pepper hoarder. Every August, when the Hatch Chiles come in season, I eat them every single day til near the end of availability. Then, right when they’re about to vanish, I buy fifteen to twenty pounds and roast them to store in the freezer. It’s a fifteen year tradition in my house.

Recently it dawned on me that it’s almost Hatch season again, so I rooted around in my freezer til I found 2 bags with 6 peppers apiece in them. First in, first out. Number one rule in any kitchen.

Time to cook.

I had a pound of brisket from Perez Barbecue, as well as a couple quarts of chicken stock, so I was pretty well set for basic ingredients.

Here’s my recipe for Smoked Brisket and Hatch Chile Stew.


1 lb Brisket, smoked

12 each, Chiles, Hatch, roasted, chopped

2 lbs Potatoes, new, quartered

2 quarts Stock, chicken {if you don’t have it, make some instant with Better Than Bouillon}

2 each Onions, Texas Sweet, sliced

1 T. Worcestershire {incorporated this on a lark and it added a lot of body to the broth}


* Fire kettle on stove top with stock and potatoes

* Slice onions and brown nicely in separate pan

* When potatoes are nearly done, add chopped brisket, chiles, onions and worcestershire

* At this point I made a slurry with a quarter cup of masa mix to thicken the stew. Alternately you could remove 2 cups of potatoes and mash them, then return to kettle, or make a slurry with corn starch. I like the nuttiness of masa harina golden corn flour and utilize it in lots of Tex Mex recipes

* Turn kettle to low and let quietly simmer for an hour til flavors have married

Voila! Sometimes you hit the kitchen and work with what you have and end up with a dynamite recipe.

Bon Appetit Y’all

more Tex Mex recipes http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/Authentic-Tex-Mex-Recipes


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