Another big week reporting on the state of food in Austin, Texas.

We had such a good time at our barbecue pop up restaurant at Three Little Pigs, that we started our week off slow {too many beers were drunk while hovering over the pit} but finally regained our voice mid-week, right when some crazy shit started going down. We wrote 2 obituaries and checked in on a night of power violence down on 6th street and were happy to report the rebirth of a University of Texas campus barbecue legend.

Our weekly top 5: One of the best food trucks we ever had the pleasure of visiting is done. Austin hangs its head in shame over this news

A Longhorn legend in the world of smoked meat is preparing to open on UT’s campus

Zagat? Still full of shit

We hosted our first pop up restaurant at Three Little Pigs food trailer and we’re doing it again in August!

RL Reeves Jr takes a look back at Lovejoys from the early years til the here and now

Thanks for checking out the site y’all. And we appreciate the huge attendance we had at our first culinary outing last week. It meant a lot to see everybody out there breaking bread, listening to LeVon Helm and relaxing on a perfect summer afternoon.

last week’s top 5

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