Buche is pig stomach. If that sounds appealing to you then continue reading. If you’re a less aggressive eater of offal and “the nasty bits” then turn the page to something less earthy. Buche is not a particularly common ingredient at taco stands in Austin.

When you do find it you often have to coax the taquera into selling you one {if you’re a gabacho}as they generally figure you’re not going to like it and they want your repeat visits-not easy to pull off if they sell you a taco that’s not to your liking. Growing up, my family raised hogs and we ate the entire creature. It wasn’t fashionable, nobody had invented the phrase “nose to tail” yet, we just didn’t want to let good meat go to waste.

So buche is nothing new to me. I grew up on the stuff. The meat is slightly chewy and in its raw form requires 2 washings prior to being cooked. Of course at Tacos Selene you just walk up and order it and she vends you a taco right through the window.

Selenes uses commercial tortilla shells as the base for their tacos. The salsas however are homemade and quite good. Unlike many food trucks in Austin Tacos Selene packs plenty chile peppers in her sauce. It bears mentioning that due to the wild popularity of the Grackle, the bar that hosts this food truck, Selenes is now also open for business on South First street just north of the John Mueller food truck and on the opposite side of the street.

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