After 14 months and 28 countries the couple who author the Boots In The Oven food blog have returned safely to Austin, Texas. They didn’t spend their time away idly snapping pics at famous tourist locations, they rolled up their sleeves and got down and dirty on this vacation that was more of a fact finding mission than anything else. The Coopers utilized the extended trip to gather information on local foodways as they trekked through South America, Asia and Africa. This vast repository of knowledge will be converted into an app titled “Go Find Food” tailored towards travelers who want to go under the radar in their international eatings.

We have a feeling this won’t have Rick Steves’ fingerprints on it.

Sounds like the couple had the time of their lives on the voyage. There is nothing we’d rather do than go a place we’ve never been {famously said by Diane Arbus} so we’ve really enjoyed keeping up with the adventurers via their Boots In The Oven blog. It’s right here

and read the feature on the trip that posted last night in the Statesman

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