Bad news coming out of Birmingham. Golden Enterprises, the parent company of Golden Flake, the iconic Southern snack maker recently reported that net income plummeted 52.6 percent to $463,007 in the quarter ending June 1 from $977,993 in the same quarter of 2011.


In the Deep South, Golden Flake has stood on the mountain top of salty snacks for a long, long time. Since 1923, the Birmingham-based company has been the dominant purveyor of fried potato chips, pork skins and Dorito-type snacks. One of the great pleasures of the Deep South is a sliced ripe tomato served on light bread with a skift of mayo and a side of regular Golden Flake chips. Bonus points if you wash it down with a Grapico, a delicious regional soda pop.

Back in the 90s you could take a paper bag with you when you went on the Golden Flake factory tour and they’d fill it up with hot, salted potato chips fresh out of the hopper at the end of the tour.


I’ve never seen these snacks this far West but if you’re ever in the Deep South they are definitely worth taking the time to sample.

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