Google’s purchase of Zagat in September of 2011 has apparently done little to improve the rating service’s credibility. How else can you explain “The 5 Best Places For Tex Mex In Austin, Texas”, a list the service just issued.

1} Vivo. We actually kind of like Vivo. They do fry their own totopos and their green sauce is good but are they in the top 5 Tex Mex restaurants in Austin? Not by a long shot. 2} Chuy’s. A sad joke. To be fair, it’s been years since we’ve been but our last visit featured some truly awful “Tex Mex.” It’s places like this that give our regional cuisine a bad name.

3} Matt’s El Rancho. We learned long ago that the only route to take at Matt’s el Rancho is to get a Bob Armstrong dip and a couple margaritas and call it a day. Any venturing off this path and you are likely to be cursed with some pedestrian food. Top 5 in town? No way.

4} Trudy’s. The hits just keep on coming. Trudy’s is truly abysmal. We used to eat one free meal there per year, but even at that it felt overpriced. This is where the taste bud impaired go to enjoy their Tex Mex.

5} Hula Hut. Possibly the worst option on the entire list. If you like your Tex Mex with a heaping helping of Teriyaki and/or pineapple then this may be a good option for you.

With a long list of good Tex Mex options in Austin {El Gallo, Jack Allen’s, La Reyna, El Patio, Habanero et al.} there’s no reason to suffer bad food like the recommendations above. The days when Zagat was the only game in town are long over, thankfully, and their irrelevance is proven once more with this ridiculous list.

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