Novice pit boss Daniel Delaney has a guest from Taylor, Texas in town up in New York for a few days. Wayne Mueller of Louie Mueller Barbecue is in the city and “Preaching the gospel of beef & smoke.”

Despite his beginner status, Delaney is knocking ’em dead with Texas-style briskets via his Brisketlab meat company. Maybe some of the ju ju from the smoker he purchased from Aaron Franklin has found its way into his briskets as they are, by all accounts, first rate.

We’ll see if we can get any first hand reports from our moles scattered about the Big Apple. These are interesting times in the world of smoked meat. Brisketlab, as near as we can tell, is the only barbecue business in the whole of New York City cooking with a 100% wood-fired pit.

Interesting times.

an interview with Daniel Delaney

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