We love the local boy made good story of chef/owner Alex Kahn of Trento, the new-ish Italian restaurant in the former Chilis out on 360 in West Austin. The Westlake native graduated from the CIA and began a cooking journey that took him through several well regarded kitchens before he decided to hunker down back in Central Texas and start cooking for a living out in cedar chopper country. On a bike ride last week we spotted the building and pulled over to get the lay of the land and maybe have an espresso and a tiramisu as a morning starter.

Snake eyes.

There were people inside but the locks hadn’t been turned on the doors just yet. Trento is open for lunch {at 11am} but we were a mite early.

Reviews are mixed on the quality of the food coming out of Kahn’s kitchen, but we rarely pay any attention to that sort of thing. Some of the most relentlessly celebrated restaurants in town are plain awful while we’ve got culinary geniuses shutting down due to lack of business every month.

Same as it’s always been.

further Austin Daily Photos http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/Austin-Daily-Photo


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