By all accounts the food service sector of Austin’s economy is absolutely booming with new restaurants, food trailers and pubs opening by the dozen. When a business shutters it seems like it’s mere moments before a saloon or cafe has sprung up with lines edging out the door.

Looking for work in this industry? We cherry picked a few local ads that seemed intriguing 1] Servers all over the United States earn $2.13 per hour. This shameful practice is winked at by US Dept of Labor poobahs who figure a salary of a little over 4k a year is plenty for the gals who trot their steak platters out to the table when they’re out for a night on the town. At Lake Austin Spa and Resort the waiters command a full $10 per hour. That’s big money

2] Are you a concierge with a masterful knowledge of Austin Texas? What’s your stance on this job duty? “Set- up concierge lounge with breakfast items for VIP guests. Maintain food offerings and break down stations after shift. ” Then the Round Rock Marriot has a job with your name on it. Pays 21k per annum

3] Ever been a cage cashier? Sounds like a job Russ Meyer dreamed up, but according to Rick’s Cabaret this person actually needs to have a pretty diverse skill set: “Multi-tasking, speed, number sense, and personal skills all come to play in this challenging position. Drawers are dispensed/received to/from bartenders, entertainers checked in and out, transactions done as well as many other admin functions and duties.”

4] The entire nation turned its gaze on Austin last year when the tutu wearing gal at Congress won Hostess of the Year. Our take now you too could put yourself in the running at the Cedar Door in downtown Austin.

5] Any executive sous chefs reading? A local restaurant self describes thusly: small, but busy, from-scratch, restaurant kitchen. Our restaurant offers a fine dining experience in an intimate ’boutique’ environment, unique to Austin. Our restaurant features seasonal, high quality modern cuisine from around the world, with an emphasis on fabulous, fresh seafood flown in overnight, and meats and vegetables supplied, as much as possible, by local ranches and farms.”

Sounds incredible. Must be willing to work 40+ hours a week, which any good sous chef will tell you normally translates to about 80+ hours a week

That’s the weekly round-up. Got a job you’re trying to fill? Hit us up through the tipster button and we’ll list it for you.

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