Of all my harebrained schemes, I’d have to say breaking in a new {to me} smoker by throwing a hundred pounds of meat on it, and going for broke ranks right near the top.

As one might expect, some of the briskets came out like beefy butter and others, well, they did not come out like beefy butter. I noticed while I was slicing that some were just gorgeous and juicing like Hell when I was wielding my knife hand. Others, particularly the parts that folks who like the lean/dry side of the brisket, were less fortunate/wet. One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is to sit up all night next to a smoker filled with meat, drinking and wool gathering. Last night however, was a mite rough. I loaded the pit in a pounding rain storm, things cleared up, a second pounding rain storm ripped through and then finally at 4 am the mother of all thunder and lightning storms rolled over East Austin. It was quite the spectacle but definitely not conducive to pit management.

We’ll be taking the lay of the land over the next few days to see if pop up number 2 will happen. It was incredible to see dozens of people eating and socializing at the event. Many thanks, hope you got fed real good and had a good time doing it.

img courtesy of Ryan over at the http://foiegrashotdog.blogspot.com/

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