Barely made it in under the wire. I’m celebrating National French Fry Day by peering all the way back to June of this year when I rejoiced over my return to Texas {after 3 weeks on the road} by eating brisket and french fries at Peter’s Barbecue down in Ellinger, Texas.

It was a hard earned meal.

The normal 8-9 hour trip from New Orleans to Central Texas took 23 due to some hand of God level rainfall that had me biking it at 5 mph on I-10. I remembered Peter’s as having hand-cut fries, and they do-if you order them off the secret menu. If you just stroll in off the street, you’re getting freezer bag potatoes that are in no way, shape or form equivalent to the beautiful ones in the photo.

Hereabouts, the best french fries in the Austin area are down at Railroad BBQ down in Manchaca. They’re the honest style; big Russet potatoes are sliced and cooked proper in hot, clear oil. There is none finer in Travis County.

come on out to our restaurant pop up this Sunday at Three Little Pigs y’all. We’re doing a full Texas barbecue menu at noon. details–East-End-Wines-Sun-July-15

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