I like the gimmick. Fill up a couple fryolators {hopefully with leaf lard} then wrap all sorts of things in bacon and submerge everything you can get your hands on in boiling oil. Lard Have Mercy cooks deep fried Oreos, Twinkies, Pickle chips, Chili Balls and banana flavored corn dogs among other items.

Prudery is not the forte of the folks behind this business. The bacon bandwagon continues. Bacon nachos, chicken fried bacon and bacon flavored french fries are all featured on their menu.

Unfortunately, on my visit nobody was stirring in the little food trailer at the corner of Live Oak and south 1st street. I still get a little teared up when I’m in that little trailer food yard though. This is where Katrina O’Donnel put on Italian cooking clinics from her Arancini food trailer til a knee surgery curtailed the career of one of the most promising cooks Austin has seen in years.

Maybe that powerful, good cooking juju is still lingering on the property…wafting its way through the windows of Lard Have Mercy and settling onto the range or into the burbling oil in the fryers.

603 W. Live Oak St. at S 1st Street

Our Hours of Operations:

Thurs – Fri 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Saturday Noon – 10:00pm

Sunday Noon – 5:00pm

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