Brand new pop up restaurant Sunday August 5th 2012. details


We received some stunning news yesterday.

We’d planned on using the ancient brick pit at Three Little Pigs to smoke the briskets for the party on Sunday, but we got a better offer.

Back when Home Grown Catering had the touring contracts with ZZ Top and Willie Nelson, they had to be able to cook large amounts of brisket, sausage and ribs for the hungry musicians. They carted along a giant mobile pit so they could cook Texas-style barbecue for Willie, Billy Gibbons and the rest of the crew{s}. Chef Raymond Tatum inherited that pit when the former owner of Home Grown, Kent Hayner {RIP} passed away earlier this year.

We knocked out a batch of Walter Jetton’s, perhaps the most famous pit boss in the history of Texas, barbecue sauce yesterday.

Now we’re preparing to cook on the pit that fed the Willie Nelson Family Band and ZZ Top?

Texas forever.

We’ll be offering a 10% discount to holders of Drew Thornley’s {Man Up Texas BBQ} Q Card on Sunday as well. Details on how to get one

time: noon

date: Sunday July 15th 2012

place: Three Little Pigs/East End Wines

address: 1209 Rosewood Avenue Austin, TX 78702

cash only


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