Bright and early one morning, years back, I was walking along 6th street in front of the Driskill Hotel when I nearly fell over in an apoplexy. The sandwich board in front of the restaurant trumpeted a $9 breakfast taco.

I thought about calling John Kelso but I did not want him falling over dead on my conscience. Now Austin’s Eater website, a local food news aggregator, has ripped the lid off Fresa’s, the new grilled chicken/fine dining/restaurant on Lamar Blvd. While they are not approaching the level of raw greed and avarice that is the order of the day at the Driskill, they’re giving it a good effort.

To wit: breakfast tacos for $3.75.

Here’s the thing. People will bowl themselves over to get at these tacos. They would gladly pay twice that, as long as watch words like “organic” and “pasture raised” are used. They’re not buying the food, they’re paying to be part of the lifestyle that other eaters accord one another by being part of this exclusive club of diners.

Meanwhile, you can find us over at El Taco Rico, getting our morning breakfast tacos on scratch tortillas with non-organic, non-pasture raised this n that. Organic means nothing. If you want to buy into the “organic fantasy” more power to you but you would be well served to read the following

Here’s the Eater piece

The most famous breakfast taco in Austin, right this way

real deal Austin food news and reviews:

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