The tale of Bananarchy has been narrated ably in such national publications as Huffington Post, The Onion and Serious Eats. The tie-in to Arrested Development, the long gone TV show, garnered the business some heavy publicity after local bloggers gave the business its first exposure. In an Austin that’s steadily losing its quirky appeal, it’s good to see Bananarchy thriving. Primos, the taco cart across the street, is doing booming business but the lazy bastards running Bananarchy are still in the bed. My visit is a dry run. No matter, I’ve had delicious bananas from these vendors before. I love that they’re puritans when it comes to sourcing their fair trade bananas. Importers getting rich off the backbreaking labor of South American peasants will have no congress with Bananarchy.

The little cart recently celebrated three years in business, which is lifetime in the transient world of food trailers. They’ve led a hobo life bouncing around from location to location before settling into their current spot where the legendary Arancini once stood.

Before Amado “Mayo” Pardo of nearby Jovita’s got dragged off to jail, you could’ve scored a bag of heroin to go with your frozen banana. Couple that with a pound of brisket from the John Mueller food trailer down the street and you’ve got a pure, old-school South Austin afternoon lined up.

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