As year one on Twitter draws to a close, I thought I’d take a look back at this weird universe I’ve found myself in for the past 12 months. I resisted joining for the longest time due to how annoying the whole thing seemed. “Tweeting” just seemed ridiculous. Still does.

But, looking back, the effects are obvious. Twitter is a prime mover when it comes to letting your voice be heard. Immediately after joining, I received a late night phone call from the boys in the Cold Fusion lab in Ohio who administrate the site. “What’s going on out there, the traffic has suddenly doubled?” Magic.

First tweet ever: Austin Tx Chitlin Circuit TC’s Lounge Closed pic here

This really illustrates the value of the service. The ability to disseminate news to a huge range of people. While it’s true that most people in Austin could give a fig that an old juke joint closed, over a thousand of y’all do, and did, when I penned that piece a year ago.

Of course it can also be tiresome. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve followed for a bit only to realize they’re actually fucking boring. Do I really need to know that some guy just popped up a foul ball on the TV baseball game you’re watching? Stop wasting my time.

I ran into a guy at Bennu a few nights ago and the first words out of his mouth were “why did you stop following me on Twitter?” I really wanted to just give him a good hard one in the bread basket and keep on walking, but it was easier to change the subject away from the fact that his tweets were agonizingly dull. Odd, cause in person he’s really funny. Lost in translation.

The best tweets are the hot-linked ones that carry you off the site and into some strange world you’d otherwise never find. Some accounts are really good at this. They seemingly spend their days scouring the internet for arcana and putting up links so they can share their discoveries. Dangerous Minds and Boing Boing are two that spring to mind immediately as being particularly adept in this field.

Comedians are all over Twitter. Here’s a funny tweet from right when I was getting started:

Jason Cohen @cohenesque If you get your meat from a guy who shoplifted it from HEB, does that still count as “locally sourced?”

I still laugh over that one.

A hugely popular article I wrote last year was titled The Leading Lights Of Texas Food Twitter: A List Of Who We Follow

I’ll leave you with that. Lots of interesting people on Twitter in Texas. Check em out y’all. I’ve had a blast over this past year. Thanks for all the great feedback on the site.

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