By the time we read that the smoker from Aaron Franklin’s barbecue joint in East Austin had been bought by a yankee and was being towed to New York City for some kind of yankee brisket party, it was too late to round up the posse and see if we could head em off around Cincinnati or some shit.

There’s bound to be some sort of law against it, but we’ll be damned if we know what it is.

This past Friday night, Franklin’s old smoker was pressed into service for a new fangled way they’ve got of selling barbecue in New York City; it’s a subscription service called Brisketlab.

You buy your meat in advance and are then notified when and where the barbecue will be made available. It’s the inevitable, and unholy, marriage of social media and smoked meat. It had to happen eventually. Up on the rooftop of a business called “Gizmodo” the owner/creator of Brisketlab; Daniel Delaney, had his first barbecue offering this past weekend. By all accounts it was smooth sailing.

Back in the Spring, Delaney came to Austin and bought the smoker and big truck load of post oak to smuggle back up to New York City. Much like the way brigands raid UNESCO sites in the dead of night in Europe. Once in the city he made a few test runs with his pride and joy to prepare for the big business that Brisketlab promised via the subscription service.

Good for him. New York City’s barbecue scene is clearly in dire need of a shakeup if a place like Hill Country Barbecue, that bakes their meats in an oven, is considered the best in town.

Maybe Delaney can incite a flowering of smoked meat culture and inspire others to go 100% authentic in their barbecue. If so we’ll have to gird the defenses at our borders or there won’t be a pit left in the Great State.

more Texas barbecue!/RLReevesJr

Interview with the old pit boss, Daniel Delaney

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