Casting a wary eye.

Robert Reid is in the kitchen at Miller’s Smokehouse in Belton, Texas. Top Fifty barbecue in the Great State? You better believe it, and from where we sit, a strong contender for a lofty ranking in next year’s Texas Monthly’s much vaunted barbecue issue’s rankings. We were blown away back in the Spring when we rode up to Belton from Austin to sample the old pit boss’s output. Everything was top flight, and Reid and owner Dirk Miller are grinding meat and stuffing hog gut casings to make some of the best sausage we’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting down to.

Belton, the county seat of Bell County, is a lovely little town with one of the most picturesque court houses we’ve ever laid our eyes on. We walked around for a bit after eating a couple pounds of pluperfect meat hot off the smoker, and my companion allowed as how he wouldn’t mind settling down in those parts.

Good barbecue can do that to a body.

pic of that brisket, that glorious brisket

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