The enormous project that is Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden is near fruition. The murmurs of an impending opening have turned into a roar so we headed down to Rainey Street a couple days ago to see if we could get some photos and see the source of the hubbub.

The most impressive part of the building is the walk-in cooler on the southern flank. One imagines this will be the keg room, and to accommodate enough barrels for a hundred plus taps, it’s appropriately epic in size. The structure itself is also huge. We peeked inside before being chastened by a rough and tumble gal who looks like she might wrestle gators as a hobby-so all our picture taking was from the exterior.

Back in the spring we strolled down Rainey Street to document all the fresh bars and restaurants being built out. Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden is easily the most ambitious, size wise, of them all.

Word has it that they’re going to produce all their sausages in-house so we are beyond excited by this development. Too many places in town are half stepping when it comes to this task so we’re excited to have a new sausage source. Who knows, maybe they’ll do a rendition of the classic Texas Hot Guts and put some genuine heat in the meat?

the stroll down Rainey Street!/RLReevesJr

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