Texas barbecue hoedown at Four Seasons Hotel? Canadian Chef Grant Macdonald is set to show and prove that you don’t have to be a leathery old Texas pit boss to put out top flight brisket.

Macdonald has probably been out back of the hotel since late last night, carefully tending the fires in the old brick pit that first put Four Seasons on the central Texas barbecue map decades ago.

We’ll bet the good chef will have worked his way through most of a case of Pearl beer and damn near finished a Louis L’amour novel by the time the party goes down at 6:30 tonight. $5 Texas barbecue, $5 Independence pints and the best backyard in Austin should provide a very fine tableau for the fete.

We ate at Chef Macdonald’s table a couple weeks ago and his prickly pear barbecue sauce was a splendid effort. Let’s hope he’ll be pulling a few Bandera quail off the old brick pit as his rendition of the Texas classic dish was one of the best bites of food we’ve had in 2012.

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