Another big week in a seemingly endless series of big weeks. The Austin, Texas food scene was all over national media via a huge heroin bust, a court-brokered settlement in favor of a group of bartenders who were receiving weekly pay of ZERO, and cooking superstar Paul Qui of East Side King fame.

Onto our weekly top 5: 1} John Mueller teamed up with the Austin, Texas food board Shaggybevo to throw one of the best food parties the state of Texas has ever seen. We captured Mueller and Franklin Barbecue pit boss John Lewis on film.

2} Will a wax figure of Paul Qui one day be enshrined at the Smithsonian?

3} Guns, Heroin, Tex Mex!

4} How many tip jars would it take to hold 685k in one dollar bills?

5} John T. Edge

special bonus: Summer barbecue guide from Food and Wine magazine

last week’s top 5

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