Fergus Henderson was nowhere in sight and St. John, his infamous house of offal in the UK, may as well have been a million miles away, but there we were; eating a giant tray of beef marrow bones, hot off the smoker at John Mueller Barbecue last week.

We had no toast points, no parsley shallot salad and no capers, but we still managed to get by quite nicely. There we were standing in the dirt, hoisting hot steer bones and suckling the marrow from within-washing everything down with ice cold St. Arnold’s beer. It don’t get more Texas than that y’all.

Word has it that late that night, as the party was winding down, a giant fire was built using these spent bones for kindling. I would’ve loved to’ve been in Bouldin Creek as the smell of a marrow bone fire drifted through South Austin.

more Texas barbecue http://chowpapi.com/wordpress/wordpress-2.8.6/wordpress/category/texas-barbecue/


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