Christopher Mier was in a bind. He needed a place to crash at night, a stash house for his allegedly burgeoning heroin business and a place to kick back when the black tar kicked in and the chasing of the dragon commenced.

In the open court of U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark Lane, a few more details emerged in the Operation Muerte Negra heroin case that took down the popular south Austin Tex Mex restaurant Jovita’s Cantina. When Mier put in an application with a local leasing company he needed employment verification. His uncle Amado “Mayo” Pardo was happy to help. It’s alleged that Mier was running drugs for Pardo so the uncle provided verification that Mier was the gm of Jovita’s and earned 54k per annum.

Special Agent Stephen Hause, the investigator on the case, maintains that this verification was false. Christopher Mier’s bond hearing was this morning. His attorneys wanted him to be released into a treatment facility as he’s been identified as a daily heroin user.

Judge Lane declined the opportunity to place Mier in treatment saying “Guns and drugs don’t mix” a reference to police finding a handgun under Mier’s bed during a previous arrest.

It keeps getting deeper.


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