Rifling through the backfiles tonight. El Guero is a taco school bus on Cameron Road near Nomad Bar. They specialize in tortas estillo distrito federal. In other words: sandwiches done in the style of the taqueras in Mexico City.

An interesting aside is that this bus will also add some chopped up hot dogs as garnishes on anything on the menu. No, this is not the much celebrated “Sonoran hot dog” that’s gotten so much acclaim in the past year. These hot dogs are just the good old fashioned, non-descript wieners that you grew up eating at swimming pools and baseball parks.

We’ve never had our minds blown by the food at this truck, but the taquero is as nice as he can be, he’s open late at night and you’re eating from a public school bus rigged out with flat tops and fryolators. We take our pleasures where we find them.

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