Explosions rocked south Austin last Thursday morning as a host of law enforcement descended on Jovita’s Cantina, as well as a number of private homes in the drug bust operation dubbed Muerte Negra. Some of the structures were known to be barricaded so the lawmen utilized explosive devices to gain entry.

A friend who lives in Bouldin Creek said the explosions sounded like people firing shotguns. During the raid 18 people were arrested on a variety of charges with the unifying factor being heroin. Twice convicted of murder, Amado “Mayo” Pardo owner/operator of Jovita’s, stands to do some serious time if he’s actually convicted of the fresh charges he’s now facing. Today in federal court, small fish Jeffrey Finn, 45, Lean Day, 24 and Jorge Carrillo, 44, were freed on unsecured $10,000 bonds. In other words; they’re no risk to anybody and/or they’re spilling their guts on every detail of the heroin trade as they know it in Austin.

Dionicio Sanchez, 62 isn’t going anywhere. The prosecution reckons he’d be on the first plane to the Golden Triangle if he was allowed to make bail, so they’re going to let him cool his heels in jail for awhile. As in, from now on.

Pardo had his hearing delayed til Thursday morning as did Tatiana Huang and Chris Mier.
more details as warranted.

credit http://www.kxan.com/dpp/news/local/austin/hearings-post

previous coverage http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2012/6/21

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