Well known eater John T. Edge is slowly making his way to Austin on an eating, book-selling tour of the United States. His new volume: The Truck Food Cookbook is out, on shelves and hopefully raking in some serious money for the Mississippi author.

Mr. Edge had this to say about Austin food trucks { in an interview conducted by Andrea Weigl in the Raleigh New and Observer} “In Austin, there is haute truck food and there is traditional, old-guard truck food. It’s just as important and just as good. The taco trucks of Austin are wonderful. You buy a well-made open-faced taco on a freshly made corn tortilla at a great taco truck. You look at the composition on the plate. There’s a beautiful aesthetic at work: the shingle of the avocado slices across the top, the hash of cilantro, a carefulness and kind of discreetness about the toppings. I think a city like Austin is interesting because it covers the spectrum.”

Edge speaks the truth. We eat from a lot of food trucks hereabouts. East Side King, La Canaria, Three Little Pigs, El Taco Rico…….we’ve got our favorites and some are as new school as you can get {circulators plugged into light poles} while others could not be more traditional {abuelitas rolling out fresh tortillas with ancient dowels}

We love the diversity in the Austin scene and we love that we can spend 5-10 dollars and eat food that would cost 3 times that in a brick and mortar. Tell us about your favorite food truck in Austin?

Details about Edge’s book party at Book People from his website:

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 7:00pm



Talk, Q&A, Book Signing

603 North Lamar Blvd

Austin, TX 78703

**Free and open to the public.The Peached Tortilla truck and others will be parked outside.

more from Andrea Weigl http://www.newsobserver.com/tags/?tag=andrea+weigl

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