It must be humbling to be a food trailer parked this close to John Mueller Barbecue. I’ve noticed the workers across the street at the taco trailer sitting on folding chairs on a patch of dirt reading the newspaper while a hundred or so people queued up for a plate of brisket-praying that the meat wouldn’t run out before they made it to the window. Now there’s a brand new trailer parked next door to Mueller’s insurgent meat joint. It’s called Gonzo Juice and I’ve seen it parked all over town over the last year. It was up on Airport Blvd, it was on e. 6th street, it was on south Lamar-it’s been all over the place.

Now it’s landed in Bouldin Creek. Online reviews are positive. Apparently the owners are doing some creative takes on juices and sandwiches and what have you. Hell, if they can just get the overflow from Mueller’s trailer they’ll do just fine.

Has anyone been to Gonzo Juice? Care to file a report?

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